Definition of nut cutlet in English:

nut cutlet


  • A cutlet-shaped savoury cake made of chopped nuts, breadcrumbs, and other ingredients.

    • ‘The canteen was serving Christmas dinner (nut cutlets for the veggies) but we decided to wander back into Soho and had hot baguettes in the Star Cafe.’
    • ‘Gone are the days when vegetarians were limited to a choice of mushroom omelette or nut cutlet when they dined out.’
    • ‘And the seven per cent of the population who now shun meat are about as likely to celebrate by chomping down on a nut cutlet as meat eaters are to see in National Barbecue Week by eating a raw pork chop.’
    • ‘What I can applaud today's vegetarian food for is shifting the focus away from nut cutlets and lentil croquettes to contemporary, innovative dishes that everyone loves to eat.’
    • ‘They spurn soya shepherd's pie and nut cutlets, preferring the more exotic polenta with wild mushrooms or Thai stir-fry.’


nut cutlet