Definition of nut bar in English:

nut bar


North American
  • 1An item of snack food in the shape of a flattish rectangular block, made from or containing nuts.

    ‘I swapped lasagnes for small portions of salad and lean meat, and snacked on nut bars’
    • ‘We had chocolates, ice cream, nut bars, and other favorites.’
    • ‘On board, she keeps a six-month supply of nut bars and freeze-dried meals.’
    • ‘An albatross swooped down and landed on the deck—I think it was after the nut bar I had in my hand.’
    • ‘They joined volunteers from the food bank to pack nut bars, peaches, and raisins for the schoolkids yesterday.’
    • ‘I nibbled on what seemed like a gorgeous, chewy nut bar, but it was a protein-rich, chocolate-covered soy bar.’
  • 2informal A foolish or eccentric person.

    ‘the guy is a nutbar’
    • ‘The paper spoke to him over the phone from Toronto earlier this week to try and get a handle on what's going down in the old nutbar's head.’
    • ‘One good thing to come out of this incident is that an obviously unreformed nutbar will now not be released.’
    • ‘It's tough enough making a living in agriculture without these nut bars coming from the city and telling us what we can and cannot do on our property.’
    • ‘She may be a nutbar who's signed up for a whole lot of bad movies, but she's got presence.’
    • ‘I think everyone occasionally feels like a complete nutbar.’