Definition of nursling in English:



  • A baby that is being breastfed.

    • ‘A young girl could watch as her newborn sibling latched on to her mother's breast, and could observe how the mother would switch the nursling from one breast to the other.’
    • ‘My wife's breasts are neither the seat of my sexual gratification nor an open-all-night diner for the latest nursling.’
    • ‘Now that my children are 13 and 8, I look back happily on the days when I had a nursling in my bed.’
    • ‘No global consensus exists on whether or how to screen nurslings or mothers for vitamin D deficiency or on how to prevent vitamin D deficiency among nurslings.’
    • ‘Hold your nursling close as you dream about your next baby, and never doubt for a moment that you have what it takes to make the best choices for each of you as you go along.’
    • ‘Risk factors for nurslings and their mothers overlap and interact.’
    • ‘Soranos believed that the wet nurse transmits her own qualities to the child, so an even-tempered woman free from superstition should be found; she should also be Greek-speaking, so that the nursling becomes accustomed to hearing Greek.’