Definition of nursing officer in English:

nursing officer


  • A senior nurse with administrative responsibility.

    • ‘A district nursing officer was struck off for putting patients at risk by failing to suspend one of his staff.’
    • ‘The nursing officers on the wards that fit the inclusion criteria were approached and asked for volunteers to be involved in the focus group.’
    • ‘Another part of the role we play as nursing officers within the unit is providing training and education to other units within Army and to other services within Defence.’
    • ‘The nursing managers, directors, and chief nursing officers at these hospitals made me feel very welcome, and I hope that we will be hosting some of them in the United States in the future.’
    • ‘A nursing officer who was not involved in the treatment independently collected clinical data.’
    • ‘As many as 19 petitions were filed by nursing officers in various High Courts.’
    • ‘Sarah Oborne, a nursing officer at St John Ambulance's Quadrilateral Division, based at Millbrook, said no task was too great for Joe.’
    • ‘I would like to thank Heather Campbell, vice-president, professional practice, and chief nursing officer at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, for her support throughout the development of this medical directive.’
    • ‘The measures, which have been recommended by the chief nursing officer for Scotland, are expected to be adopted by health boards across the country.’
    • ‘Over 150 nursing officers and other health personnel attended the third ADF Nursing Officers' Forum in Canberra from November 10-12.’
    • ‘The intensive care medical and nursing officers have been among the very few to care for casualties using a German-designed artificial lung bypass device.’
    • ‘She had previously served in Bosnia and Kosovo as an Army nursing officer responsible for the health of more than 1,000 field service personnel.’
    • ‘It recognised leadership was an important attribute for nursing officers in the performance of duty irrespective of the context.’
    • ‘In the tight knit team environment of the hospital she met boyfriend Tim Wakefield, a nursing officer from Nottingham.’
    • ‘Her participation will also assist in further development of the military nurse practitioner model, providing nursing officers from all three services with greater opportunities for career development.’
    • ‘A record in the resident's money book showed the details of the money transferred into this account from their personal account for the purchases, and ‘this is signed by the resident and countersigned by the nursing officer in charge’.’
    • ‘Dr Reid was in Manchester to speak at a chief nursing officers ' conference and had a face-to face meeting with top nurses from Rochdale.’
    • ‘Kingston reservist Lieutenant Nicola Mercer, 33, is a nursing officer with 256 City of London Field Hospital.’
    • ‘In January 1991, four nursing officers served on the United States Hospital Ship USNS Comfort during the Gulf War.’
    • ‘Chief nursing officer Christine Beasley said: ‘By improving reporting of MRSA like this, it will help us identify avoidable factors and learn useful lessons.’’


nursing officer