Definition of nursey in English:


(also nursie)


  • A nurse.

    ‘‘Thank you, nursie’ he'd say’
    • ‘If anyone wants to come over to my house in a cute nursey outfit and tend to me, I would be most appreciative.’
    • ‘Fantasia looked over at Simon and said, ‘enough with the nursey over there, how do you like my dress?’’
    • ‘Maybe you and nursey would be perfect for each other.’
    • ‘The latter clung stubbornly to the long-outmoded image of airheaded little ‘nursie ‘tiptoeing along behind His Majesty as he made hospital rounds, carrying his stethoscope on a silken pillow.’’
    • ‘All a bit doctor and nursey for me, I think I would probably spoil it all by wetting myself either laughing or in horror, depending on who was smiling from between my legs.’
    • ‘This morning I still have a few slight cramps but nothing near the magnitude of last night… high temperatures, waves of cold sweat springing out of my pores and my teens running around playing nursie.’
    • ‘So, being an employee at a Major Employer, I thought I'd give our occupational health people a tinkle, to see if there was a nursey type who could give it a swift syringing.’
    • ‘I promise that I'll actually get round to a proper post soon, but I'm far too busy playing nursey at the moment.’
    • ‘Well the nursey called me during the week and everything is fine and in working order.’
    • ‘You think I'm a repugnant human being, but you're willing to sleep with me as long as I seduce some little nursey away from a guy who's never even asked you out on a date.’
    • ‘Well, nursey - I say go on out there and circumcise his wits!’
    carer, caregiver, attendant
    nanny, childminder, governess, au pair, nursemaid, crèche worker, childcarer, babysitter, nursery nurse
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