Definition of nurseryman in English:



  • A worker in or owner of a plant or tree nursery.

    • ‘Colonials such as the Pennsylvania nurseryman John Bartram collected plants and seeds for the growing network of botanists and plant enthusiasts in Europe.’
    • ‘‘People have had success with these,’ the nurseryman said as he handed me a commercial gadget to ward off my intruders.’
    • ‘And just to be sure, confirm its true identity with a reliable nurseryman.’
    • ‘A founder of the native-plant movement, he was admired by botanists, nurserymen, arboretum and public garden directors, and authors.’
    • ‘Recent introductions of foliage heucheras from Oregon nurseryman and plant breeder Dan Heims are making a big splash.’
    • ‘Remember, it's well worth asking a nurseryman about the plants available - you may need more than one for a tree to bear fruit.’
    • ‘These plants are sometimes described as the nurseryman's friend.’
    • ‘Ask your nurseryman about fungicides that might offer control.’
    • ‘Some flower more quickly than others, so ask your nurseryman for bloom times.’
    • ‘I would suggest you take some leaves to a certified nurseryman for proper disease identification and recommendation of a foliar fungicide.’
    • ‘Ask your nurseryman for a foliar fungicide to discourage outbreaks.’
    • ‘Try insecticidal soap or ask your nurseryman for a miticide.’
    • ‘Show your nurseryman a basic sketch, and ask for suggestions.’
    • ‘They hybridise readily in gardens and our nurserymen have had a field day, producing as many as 300 different varieties for us to choose from.’
    • ‘I don't see this perennial that often in local garden centers, but ask your nurseryman about availability.’
    • ‘During the nineteenth century jobbers and nurserymen looked after private gardens on yearly or seasonal contracts and rented out fantastical floral arrangements for balls such as the one a Mrs. West gave in 1818.’
    • ‘The nurseryman sent thousands of plants all over the North Island and quite a lot to the South Island.’
    • ‘Again, consult your nurseryman for the best pesticide.’
    • ‘First, if you've missed the deadline for ordering seeds from a catalogue, try to buy them from a nurseryman or garden centre where the ambient temperature is cooler than in a supermarket.’
    • ‘If you're unsuccessful rooting cuttings - whether in a glass of water or a pot of rooting mixture, ask your nurseryman about tree availability.’