Definition of nursery class in English:

nursery class


  • A school class for the education of children mainly between the ages of three and five.

    • ‘This is caused mainly by the distance between the reception class and the nursery class now on the other side of the main building from the rest of the school.’
    • ‘Little Johnny was in his nursery class when the teacher asked the children what their fathers did for a living.’
    • ‘In Southampton there are 31 nurseries, 234 childminders, 13 crèches, 60 pre-schools and ten nursery classes in schools.’
    • ‘All options for the Cowtoot Lane nursery school suggest closure and a replacement nursery class which would only cater for four-year-olds.’
    • ‘‘We want parents to be more involved in what their children learn, so that the young ones are highly motivated to attend nursery classes,’ says Bakthavatchalam.’
    • ‘The suite has 13 computers and the children, even those in the nursery class are learning IT skills.’
    • ‘A nursery class is a preschool class attached to a school for older children.’
    • ‘We currently have 206 children in main school and 51 in our nursery class.’
    • ‘At the age of four, he went to a one-room nursery class attached to a private girls' school across the road from home.’
    • ‘Currently, the school teaches about 143 children in reception, year one and year two classes, while another 45 children attend the school's nursery classes.’
    • ‘In the meantime, children attending nursery schools in Burnley, as opposed to nursery classes or foundation stage units, fail to gain access to this valuable scheme.’
    • ‘Each day would be of normal school length, unlike nursery classes, which children normally attend either in the morning or afternoon.’
    • ‘As usual the caretaker had opened up the prefabricated hut they used for the nursery class.’
    • ‘Then in 1970, the junior children moved to the new school at Kingsway and in 1973 a nursery class was set up.’
    • ‘There would be a nursery class with a capacity of 26 full time places and St Osmund's Playgroup would continue on the site.’
    • ‘A month after a damning report on Stromness Primary School, a more positive report on the school's nursery class has been published by the HM Inspectorate of Education.’
    • ‘These places are for two and a half hours a day, five days a week during term time, and can be taken up at nurseries, in reception and nursery classes or playgroups.’
    • ‘Greaves Park and Willow Lane nursery schools will now close and a new school for 80 children will be opened at the Willow Lane site combined with a 52-place nursery class at Bowerham County Primary.’
    • ‘This move was the impetus for the establishment of nursery classes as well.’
    • ‘It was the first Ofsted inspection for the nursery class that caters for children aged from 18 months to three years.’