Definition of nurse practitioner in English:

nurse practitioner


  • A nurse who is qualified to treat certain medical conditions without the direct supervision of a doctor.

    • ‘There will be room for nine GPs, three practice nurses, a nurse practitioner, specialist GP services, GP training facilities and the integration of nursing teams.’
    • ‘A pelvic exam is performed by a doctor or nurse practitioner.’
    • ‘As a doctor and nurse practitioner we respect Dr Jersmann for his courage in bringing this issue to the forefront.’
    • ‘Ilkley nurse Julie Atkinson is a registrar undergoing training to be a nurse practitioner.’
    • ‘Patients have come to accept seeing a nurse practitioner in place of a physician for routine checkups and office visits.’
    • ‘A nurse practitioner performs the preoperative history and physical examination.’
    • ‘What is the difference between a registered nurse, a clinical nurse specialist and a nurse practitioner?’
    • ‘Each practice employed a nurse who had completed a one or two year nurse practitioner training programme at diploma, BSc, or MSc level.’
    • ‘Ask your doctor or nurse practitioner if you want to quit.’
    • ‘Of course, I've been here before, and I like my nurse practitioner.’
    • ‘At university health centers, students are often screened and treated by a nurse practitioner or PA only.’
    • ‘The nurse practitioner said that, had I not told her I was diabetic, she'd never have known it from the results.’
    • ‘Patients are more satisfied with care from a nurse practitioner than from a doctor, with no difference in health outcomes’
    • ‘I am a nurse practitioner by training, and the field of hospice and palliative care is my métier.’
    • ‘The device also has a pleasant voice telling you that the nurse practitioner is ready for you.’
    • ‘Will a physician or a nurse practitioner see my child routinely?’
    • ‘In these small kiosks, shoppers can get advice and remedies for minor ailments from a nurse practitioner without having to make appointments or spend time in waiting rooms.’
    • ‘We already have a number of nurses that have undertaken an intensive nurse practitioner training programme to do this work.’
    • ‘He told me that I should think about becoming a nurse practitioner.’
    • ‘Your doctor or nurse practitioner can order these products for you from a compounding pharmacy in your local area.’


nurse practitioner