Definition of nuptiality in English:



mass noun
  • The frequency or incidence of marriage within a population.

    • ‘The issues examined included nuptiality, family and household structures, changes in the relationship between spouses, the evolution of divorces, and the emergence of new family forms.’
    • ‘In the following, first the changes in nuptiality will be presented.’
    • ‘Furthermore, while in Western Europe a turn occurred in nuptiality from the end of the 60s, in Hungary there was no significant decline in marriage figures until the second half of the 70s.’
    • ‘A comparison of nuptiality patterns for Hindus and Muslims shows great similarity.’
    • ‘In open violation of the Concordat, these nuptiality restrictions encroached upon the authority of canon law in the sacrament of matrimony and deprived the Christian wedlock of converts from Jewry of civil effects.’