Definition of nummy in English:



North American
  • (of food) delicious.

    • ‘It's quite nummy - I highly recommend giving it a try next time you're in a densely Polish area.’
    • ‘I went home last night and consumed large quantities of Crispy Beef and fried rice. Mmmmm, nummy!’
    • ‘Ryan was, god I was going to say it, definitely hot, nummy and delicious.’
    • ‘There are legions of zombies, crows and assorted mutations, all sharing the common bond of considering your brains a nummy treat.’
    • ‘It's my dad's 61st birthday and we met at the Oceanside Harbor for Sunday brunch - nummy!’
    • ‘When attempting to fry tofu to replicate the nummy Thai dish you had last month, don't drink too much beer and get cocky, thereby forgetting to completely dab the tofu chunks with a paper towel to remove all the moisture.’
    • ‘Also yesterday I had Yum Cha which was nummy.’
    • ‘Since I crossed out those cliches you're probably wondering when am I going to get on with the guy and all his nummy, yummy goodness.’
    • ‘Also Lee bought the box set of original Star Wars trilogy on Saturday and I went into Lush for presents for Svend and saw lots of nummy new products.’
    • ‘Well, it's a nice message: that boys and sex are nummy and all that, but that one does not necessarily have a ton to gain from ‘losing it’ as an end in itself.’
    delicious, gorgeous, tasty, good, mouth-watering, appetizing, inviting, palatable, delectable, delightful, succulent, rich, sweet, choice, dainty, savoury, flavoursome, flavourful, piquant, luscious, toothsome
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Early 20th century: variant of yummy.