Definition of numerously in English:



  • See numerous

    • ‘One of the reasons offered for chess clubs not being more numerously attended is the fact that the clubs were situated in the heart of town and the majority of players in the suburbs.’
    • ‘Our prayer meetings were more numerously attended twenty years ago and fifteen years ago than they are now.’
    • ‘There is scarcely a part of the county without a school, which in summer is numerously attended.’
    • ‘The National School, which is numerously attended, is supported partly by endowment, and partly by subscriptions.’
    • ‘Herring gulls nest numerously here, as they do at Emery and other points already passed.’
    • ‘This ball took place at the Corn Exchange Rooms on Friday evening and was fashionably and most numerously attended.’
    • ‘A petition was immediately signed, most respectably and numerously, for her respite and pardon.’
    • ‘The President's weekly levees are numerously attended by strangers and citizens, but the proportion of Congressmen and military officials is small.’