Definition of numerous in English:



  • 1Great in number; many.

    ‘she had complained to the council on numerous occasions’
    • ‘Winifred related that numerous calls to the education office were in vain.’
    • ‘The result is that numerous museums all over the country are making exciting new acquisitions.’
    • ‘There are also numerous other prizes to be won.’
    • ‘And of course television news is even worse, as numerous studies have shown.’
    • ‘He won numerous awards - many of which were documented by the Evening Press.’
    • ‘Community care legislation has grown piecemeal though numerous statutes over the last half century.’
    • ‘Sixty-five U.S. investigations have been launched as well as numerous international studies.’
    • ‘Wilson has received numerous awards and honors, including the National Medal of Science.’
    • ‘But the Atlantic cod was by far the most numerous, valuable and important.’
    • ‘By that time, chess had taken root and chess events became more numerous.’
    • ‘The far more numerous examples of human goodness are barely noticed.’
    • ‘His aggressive, diabolical performance earned widespread critical praise and numerous British stage awards.’
    • ‘Anglicans were the most numerous in the city, with Quakers a close second.’
    • ‘Landrieu had been on the senate floor opposing those budget cuts on numerous occasions.’
    • ‘They became so numerous during the Palaeozoic era that their remains often form vast thicknesses of limestone.’
    • ‘Cookery books became ever more numerous, directed now at servants as well as housewives.’
    • ‘The nominees are too numerous to mention - but you can see them all here.’
    • ‘Despite numerous complaints from the whole of the queue, the cashier did nothing.’
    • ‘There are also numerous examples in the USA, where he has long been popular.’
    • ‘Productivity is notoriously difficult to measure, as numerous studies have found.’
    many, a lot of, a great many, very many, countless, scores of, innumerable
    several, quite a few, various, diverse
    a great number of, a great deal of, plenty of, copious, a quantity of, quantities of, an abundance of, a profusion of, a multitude of
    lots of, umpteen, loads of, masses of, stacks of, heaps of, piles of, bags of, tons of, oodles of, scads of, dozens of, hundreds of, thousands of, millions of, billions of, zillions of, more … than one can shake a stick at
    a shedload of
    a slew of, a bunch of, gazillions of, bazillions of
    a swag of
    a shitload of
    myriad, multitudinous
    numberless, innumerous
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    1. 1.1Consisting of many members.
      ‘the orchestra and chorus were numerous’
      • ‘You know, insects are the most numerous group of species on this planet?’


Late Middle English: from Latin numerosus, from numerus a number.