Definition of nuisance call in English:

nuisance call


  • A telephone call made to threaten, annoy, or sexually harass its recipient.

    • ‘Other nuisance calls included a woman complaining to ambulance staff that she had broken her fingernail and another ringing for help with her shopping.’
    • ‘A commercial office operation may be interested in minimizing nuisance calls while a hospital might be working toward eliminating emergencies and optimizing manpower effectiveness.’
    • ‘That ended the nuisance calls.’
    • ‘It was a false alarm and she was charged with making nuisance calls.’
    • ‘Police are investigating complaints of an alleged campaign of poison pen letters, nuisance calls and vandalism directed at local Liberal Democrats.’
    • ‘It was also an area identified by the fire service as a hot spot for fire-related incidents and nuisance calls.’
    • ‘He stole a phone and made nuisance calls to family members.’
    • ‘She also admitted breaching a 12 month conditional discharge imposed on August 20, for a host of similar nuisance calls to the emergency services.’
    • ‘Have you ever had a nuisance call?’
    • ‘He also received a number of nuisance calls over the weekend, although he said he has no idea who was behind them.’
    • ‘Sure enough, sweetie that he is, Roddy logged over 200 abusive nuisance calls over the course of the next ten minutes or so.’
    • ‘During one class, I received 18 nuisance calls.’
    • ‘Does the call management system offer sophisticated pacing technology that permits limitations on nuisance calls and keep agents talking?’
    • ‘The bizarre calls were highlighted in a blitz on time-wasters by the Avon and Somerset force, after more than 8,400 hoax or nuisance calls between June 2007 and July 2008.’
    • ‘They can now ask the commissioner to put a stop to the nuisance calls.’
    • ‘During this same period, my home telephone and my mobile phone were subject to nuisance calls.’