Definition of nuff in English:


(also ’nuff)

adverb, pronoun, & determiner

  • 1

    ‘sure nuff it rolled right over’
    non-standard spelling of enough, representing speech
    • ‘She's fabulous, nuff said.’
    • ‘Skye has the smoothest, loveliest voice ever. Nuff said.’
    • ‘If I sent anyone any SMS about a week ago: I was in a nightclub called Shenanigens - nuff said.’
    • ‘On that nuff said, except that clearly these politicians are determined not to end up like George Charles.’
    • ‘And Jennifer Connely, well she was in labyrinth… nuff said really.’
    • ‘Inverness is supposed to be far enough north that on good nights you can bear witness to the great phenomenon of the Northern Lights… Um… Yew Tree, nuff said.’
    • ‘Yeah, they did do a female Brig… nuff said on that.’
    • ‘But nuff said, for Wednesday offered the prospect of 36 hours in Wellington, my favourite city in these isolated climes.’
    • ‘And yes, times in that aspect where fairly memorable too… nuff said okay?’
    • ‘Then there was that matter of the on-again-off-again Year of the Child, about which, nuff said.’
    • ‘Though I don't seem this way, sometimes I can barely speak and there's just a throat with sounds scuttling out that seem to be mostly appropriate, nuff said.’
    1. 1.1as determiner Much or many.
      ‘nuff respect goes out to Galliano’
      • ‘So its a night of dominoes and apparently we got some reggae karaoke CDs so ‘once selector fe select some big tune fe me, I man fe chat nuff lyric pun de mic dem. seen!’’
      • ‘Anyway with all the hustle and bustle plus spending nuff time in front the tv watching the tragedy that hit Indonesia and Sri Lanka and them places I haven't had the time to be really introspective about the past year.’
      • ‘First photoshoot, you are here on this show battling nuff good looking gal for a modeling contract, a once in a lifetime thing and you are acting a fool.’
      • ‘With a healthy emphasis on the bawdy, these pocket-size guides provide nuff lyrics for even the most labba labba mout-a massy.’
      • ‘I have France and Argentina up there, but I guess there must be others that will provide us nuff skill and excitement.’
      • ‘And to all those who came ahead of me in the blogging game, nuff respect.’
      • ‘Hey, nuff respeck to Sharpton.’
      • ‘This mix CD is hot, pairing Kweli up with some of his faves, like Jean Grae, Common, Kanye, Busta and Black Thought, bringing nuff freestyle pressure and some choice moments into the cut.’
      • ‘Boy if these tv people ever knew what this man was really singing on their stations this song would have some serious bleeps all in it or nuff people would be calling in to complain about how them corrupting the moral fabric.’
      • ‘Still, is nuff things Eve have to answer for, you know!’
      • ‘Now, thankfully, my job does not involve much computer use, but I sit here nuff hours for blogging and IM chats.’
      • ‘Tonight here in North America nuff little children will be on your doorstep expecting that you would have spent your hard earned money to get candy for them.’
      • ‘If I am under nuff pressure and down in the dumps, I wouldn't want God to just be sad with me, I'd want him to help me out a bit, you done know!’
      • ‘I am also quite elated to inform you that there is nuff activity taking place at the Tower.’
      • ‘You have to be half nekkid sometimes, change in the backroom wid nuff people lookin pun ya.’
      • ‘‘At that time I had locks and used to smoke nuff, nuff, nuff ganja! ‘she testified.’’
      • ‘Now the man writes for a living, so maybe he will be torn between work and blogging, so drop nuff comments on the man so that he will keep the blogging thing going.’
      • ‘Well, I wish all the partygoers good luck and nuff enjoyment and I also implore the entertainers to behave themselves!’
      • ‘If we tolerate each other for that long, then we will invite you to a session - nuff music, manish water, red peas soup, pan chicken etc.’
      • ‘Who knows one of these days you may hear about his book launch and then of course ya know all you guys would have to reach and say I remember when he used to chat nuff foolishness online.’


  • nuff said

    • informal There is no need to say more.

      ‘The pen is mightier than the sword. Nuff said’
      ‘she has some amazing talent, 'nuff said’