Definition of nude in English:



  • 1Wearing no clothes; naked.

    ‘a painting of a nude model’
    • ‘Tricia Stewart was one of the members of Rylstone and District WI who posed nude for a calendar.’
    • ‘Thankfully, the nude model managed to find some clothes to wear in later issues!’
    • ‘Woods has said his girlfriend had done swimsuit modelling, but never posed nude.’
    • ‘She stripped nude to clean out the fridge and Chris decided to sit with a beer and watch.’
    • ‘Finally, there are also two bathing scenes where she appears fully nude.’
    • ‘Sophia touched his shoulder and he turned to look at her now fully nude body.’
    • ‘A partially nude woman, with folded arms and wearing green socks and purple shoes, stands in the middle.’
    • ‘Caci slipped off her clothing piece by piece until she was standing there completely nude.’
    • ‘He commented that, in Islam, we are prohibited to appear nude in front of someone.’
    • ‘We found ourselves in a room with several nearly nude women, lying stretched out on tubs of ice.’
    • ‘She was nude in front of him, but he'd seen it before.’
    • ‘He just liked seeing her almost nude, she was sure of it.’
    • ‘Had she ever walked around nude in front of the monitor when she'd been online?’
    • ‘The blue lights flickered off and he carefully climbed out, totally nude.’
    • ‘Totally nude, he sat down at the dressing table and began to look through his paperwork.’
    • ‘Peter stood nude, waist high in the cold water of the stream.’
    • ‘The lights faded up dimly, casting an amber glow on his nearly nude body.’
    • ‘Peta is well known for its provocative ad campaigns, which sometimes feature nude models proclaiming they'd rather go naked than wear fur.’
    • ‘He also appears completely nude (in puppet form) at one point.’
    • ‘Pole dancing involves having nearly nude women writhe around a vertical pole while striking various erotic poses.’
    naked, in the nude, stark naked, bare, with nothing on, stripped, unclothed, undressed, uncovered, in a state of nature, disrobed, unclad, undraped, exposed
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    1. 1.1attributive Depicting or performed by naked people.
      ‘she won't do any nude scenes’
      • ‘In an odd way, NYPD Blue's nude scenes, however gratuitous, conferred upon the series the maturity network TV so sorely lacks.’
      • ‘There must surely have been nude sunbathing on that roof terrace!’
      • ‘Bet pauses and there is a collective tutting of disgust at such horrors as fully nude dancing.’
      • ‘He cast her in L' Amour Braque, a version of Dostoevsky's The Idiot, in which she played a teenage prostitute, and persuaded her to do her first nude scene.’
      • ‘I have nothing but praise for Trevor Schmidt's direction and Raymond Spittal's design, but do wonder about the lighting choice for the protracted nude scene.’
      • ‘The 23-year-old hotel heiress and star of reality TV series The Simple Life wants to be taken seriously as an actress and rules out taking part in nude scenes.’
      • ‘She's currently shooting the first nude scenes of her career, is understandably nervous about them, and so welcomes the chance to chat about her new movie instead.’
      • ‘Of the performers, Eileen Atkins steals the show and gets a nude scene in at just 70 years young.’
      • ‘And I'd think, you know, it's really not important that there's a nude scene.’
      • ‘There are some surprises, including a nude scene in the first episode for newlyweds Kel and Kath (Turner confesses to using a body double).’
      • ‘We had a big nude scene and when we came out of the trailers, I had all these coats on.’
      • ‘Howson took the five vows that enable him to become a fully-fledged member of the Church of Scotland last Sunday, the same day he put the finishing touches to a nude portrait of Madonna - the popstar.’
      • ‘I had been concerned about a partially nude scene in the film Swordfish.’
      • ‘The nude pornographic scene made the basic materialist point that all bodies are alike.’
      • ‘Earlier this year, Gyllenhaal said shooting nude scenes for the movie ‘Shall Not Want’ had put her off sex scenes for life and vowed never to do another one.’
      • ‘So why can't the defense harm her by revealing she posed for nude photos?’
      • ‘What institution in deficit provides a nude model drawing session Tuesdays 6-8 p.m. in the Art Department?’
      • ‘Bellucci says she doesn't have any hard and fast rules when it comes to nude scenes, but she acknowledges that for Irreversible she willingly went farther than she imagined she would.’
      • ‘Nude sunbathing is strictly prohibited, and wearing swimsuits anywhere outside of beach areas is not permitted.’
      • ‘A newly trained sex change artiste has been arrested for performing a nude act on stage at a non family place of entertainment near a main road.’
  • 2Denoting or relating to clothing or makeup that is of a colour resembling that of the wearer’s skin.

    ‘a nude camisole under a sheer blouse’
    ‘balance the intensity of the eyes with a soft lip color in a nude shade’
    • ‘Session V / Look 27 / February 1992 shows Bowery in a body suit and mask in the hosiery color known as nude.’
    • ‘The whole film looks like it was shot with a camera covered with nude hosiery.’
    • ‘Dark brunettes or brunettes with blue-black bases would look great in the soft, sheer and almost nude pinks.’
    1. 2.1 Of a pale pinkish-beige colour.
      ‘nude tights’
      • ‘My lips were a glossy, nude colour, and the heavy, sticky feel of the shine annoyed me.’
      • ‘Is that an artificial tan, or does she just tan nude?’


  • 1A naked human figure, typically as the subject of a painting, sculpture, or photograph.

    ‘a study of a kneeling nude’
    ‘the nude was regarded as the ultimate test of artistic skill’
    • ‘Paintings of fleshy nudes line the walls, and pillars are plastered with pictures of a chubby comic book character.’
    • ‘Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe images are on display, as well as several Picasso nudes and Rodin sculptures, including The Kiss.’
    • ‘She was one of the first women photographers to concentrate on nudes.’
    • ‘Two years later, I photographed another set of nudes for a Japanese magazine.’
    • ‘Also on display will be luscious nudes, portraits and studies of children, many of which were made from pastels since lost.’
    • ‘Modigliani's nudes were the subject of his only gallery show during his lifetime and the police shut it down.’
    • ‘Subjects range from female nudes to noblemen and children to animals and landscapes.’
    • ‘Her early work consisted mostly of impressionistic nudes and still lifes painted with a bold palette.’
    • ‘This book shows his full range of paintings, everything from society figures to nudes to cowboys.’
    • ‘Dutch photographer Carla van de Puttelaar creates very interesting nudes and portraits.’
    • ‘The truth is, not every art collector is an aficionado of nudes.’
    • ‘Much of Feld's body of work is classic nudes or sensual images of the human body, both male and female.’
    • ‘His sculpture included nudes, portraits, and scenes from everyday life, but he was best known for religious subjects.’
    • ‘All of Saville's monumental nudes employ photographic precedents, but not in any simple way.’
    • ‘He also, unusually, made three drawings of female nudes from life.’
    • ‘The gallery had an early work by Tuke and a pastel, but did not have one of the famous nudes on beaches paintings.’
    • ‘The two robust and muscular nudes on this sheet have also been interpreted as Leonardo's response to Michelangelo's depictions of the male nude.’
    • ‘This is, after all, a humongous still life in a landscape setting, with nudes and animals strewn throughout.’
    • ‘One obvious example was the British photographer Bill Brandt, famous for photographing nudes by using a wide angle lens on the camera.’
    • ‘I had many other paintings, nudes, modern, and so on, but they didn't pay attention to those.’
  • 2A colour of clothing or make-up resembling that of the wearer's skin.

    ‘sheer lip colour in all shades of nude’
    • ‘There is lots of gold, white, beige and nude as well.’
    • ‘Where can I get men's cotton wifebeaters in beige or nude?’
    1. 2.1 A pale pinkish-beige colour.
      ‘silks in ivory, nude, and shimmering silver’


  • in the nude

    • In an unclothed state; naked.

      ‘I like to swim in the nude’
      • ‘In awkward embarrassment they stripped down and continued their performance in the nude.’
      • ‘Lawmaker Dorothy Pelote has introduced a bill in the state House of Representatives to ban people from answering the door in the nude.’
      • ‘I have an urge to walk around in the nude, but Neil has a roommate and while he's at work, I'd be rather aghast to have him show up unexpectedly.’
      • ‘So I stripped him down and let him play in the water in the nude.’
      • ‘During the day, the island is strictly reserved for those who prefer to swim and sunbathe in the nude.’
      • ‘Work includes pastels by a mad woman from Taree, photographs by someone who really shouldn't be seen in the nude, and a guy who is so past his prime it's just embarrassing.’
      • ‘It is not uncommon to see tourists as well as native-born Jamaicans enjoying the beach in the nude along this seven-mile strip.’
      • ‘So if cotton's all you've got, then yes, you're better off in the nude.’
      • ‘Robbie is no stranger to getting naked - he recently confessed to recording songs in the nude.’
      • ‘Pensioner Brian Holmes celebrated his 89th birthday - by going for a swim in the nude.’


Late Middle English (in the sense ‘plain, explicit’): from Latin nudus. The current sense is first found in noun use in the early 18th century.