Definition of nuclide in English:



  • A distinct kind of atom or nucleus characterized by a specific number of protons and neutrons.

    • ‘Soil erosion can also be tracked with naturally occurring radioactive nuclides, natural and fluorescent dye-coated particles, and small beads.’
    • ‘Atoms with the same number of protons and neutrons are called nuclides and atoms with a unequal number of protons and neutrons are called isotopes.’
    • ‘He suggests that the excess tracks may be explained by the decay of short-lived fissioning nuclides, such as super-heavy nuclei.’
    • ‘The nuclide can then be detected using existing photon or positron emission tomography methods.’
    • ‘An atom that has a specific number of neutrons and protons is referred to as a nuclide.’


1940s: from nucleus + -ide (from Greek eidos ‘form’).