Definition of nucleoprotein in English:



  • A complex consisting of a nucleic acid bonded to a protein.

    • ‘A monoclonal antibody to influenza nucleoprotein was purchased from QED Biosciences (San Diego, CA).’
    • ‘The biochemical composition and molecular structure of main components of the nucleoprotein complexes are currently studied in detail, whereas general principles of their supramolecular organization still remain unclear.’
    • ‘In particular, work on vesicular stomatitis viruses has shown that the phosphoprotein, or P protein, interacts directly with the polymerase and nucleoproteins and plays a role in transcription and replication.’
    • ‘In the present work we investigate the polyelectrolyte properties of solutions of isolated nucleosome core particles over the range of ionic conditions maintaining the stability of the nucleoprotein complexes.’
    • ‘The other important proteins include the nucleoprotein closely associated with the helical RNA, phospho-protein P, matrix protein M, and L protein.’