Definition of nucleophile in English:



  • See nucleophilic

    • ‘Unlike hydrocarbon based aromatics, which react most readily with electrophiles, perfluoro-aromatics and heterocyclic ring systems react better with nucleophiles.’
    • ‘In a similar way, both hydroxide ions and water molecules may act as nucleophiles by reacting with alkyl halides to produce alcohols.’
    • ‘The reactions can involve either anionic nucleophiles such as iodide ion or neutral molecules such as amines.’
    • ‘The metal-carbon bonds of organometallic compounds of lithium and magnesium have relatively large ionic characters, which make them strong bases and powerful nucleophiles.’
    • ‘All these reactive groups attached to phosphorus can be hydrolyzed by things like sodium hydroxide or bleach, or reacted with a nucleophile like ammonia.’