Definition of nuclear warhead in English:

nuclear warhead


  • The explosive head of a missile or torpedo that uses nuclear energy.

    ‘four of these missiles carried nuclear warheads’
    • ‘The air force retains the capability to deliver nuclear warheads of varying yields.’
    • ‘In strategic terms, the most valuable kind of nuclear warhead is that launched from a submarine.’
    • ‘How many nuclear warheads do they possess?’
    • ‘It is estimated that throughout the world there were 40,000 nuclear warheads.’
    • ‘Both countries developed rockets that had nuclear warheads.’
    • ‘It takes sophisticated engineering to make nuclear warheads with plutonium that are small enough to mount on ballistic missiles.’
    • ‘It is certainly not possible to defend against nuclear warheads or other weapons of mass destruction.’
    • ‘They are making progress in developing more sophisticated nuclear warheads and missiles.’
    • ‘They have also tested ballistic missiles that can carry nuclear warheads.’
    • ‘The treaty would cut the number of long-range nuclear warheads by nearly two-thirds.’