Definition of nuclear threshold in English:

nuclear threshold


  • A point in a conflict at which nuclear weapons are or would be brought into use.

    • ‘And this might convince him that such would not result in a nuclear response, i.e., raise the nuclear threshold for this while conspicuously lowering it for anthrax.’
    • ‘The two countries have fought three wars, two of them over Kashmir, since 1947 and have come close to a conflict twice since they crossed the nuclear threshold in May 1998.’
    • ‘Iraq leads the seven countries that are lined up before America's diminishing nuclear threshold.’
    • ‘Since crossing the nuclear threshold in 1998, they have twice come close to conflict over Kashmir.’
    • ‘What is the nuclear threshold today, and how do other nations know how far they can go before they have crossed it?’
    • ‘And it might be added that all three of these nuclear gatecrashers were headed by democratically elected leaders when they made their crucial decisions to cross the nuclear threshold.’
    • ‘This meant that Prithvi's deployment would lower the nuclear threshold, especially since movement of short-range missile batteries to launch points could be easily detected by the adversary.’
    • ‘They also contend the obligatory destruction of the U.S. chemical-warfare capability will lead to a decrease in chemical-defense funding and a lowering of the U.S. nuclear threshold.’
    • ‘Not violating Pakistan's perceived nuclear threshold emerges as one of the major constraints in any decisive application of Cold Start Doctrine.’
    • ‘Often computers will propose things that humans will not, as when computers cross the nuclear threshold in war games while humans will not.’
    • ‘North Korea, many people believe has crossed the nuclear threshold quietly.’
    • ‘And secondly, once we, as we say, cross the nuclear threshold, it's an entirely different set of problems.’
    • ‘India, with its conventional superiority should have long ago made it clear that it was prepared to fight ‘through’ a conventional war - that it had no belief in a nuclear threshold.’
    • ‘If we go over the nuclear threshold it's hard to predict what would come next.’
    • ‘China and the US share a desire not to see North Korea cross the nuclear threshold.’
    • ‘In other words NATO was ready to cross the nuclear threshold first, to terminate the attack.’
    • ‘The neighbors have fought three wars since their independence from Britain in 1947 and have come close to two conflicts since the both countries crossed the nuclear threshold in early 1998.’
    • ‘They have come to the brink of a conflict twice in Kashmir since they crossed the nuclear threshold in 1998.’