Definition of nuclear testing in English:

nuclear testing


mass noun
  • The process of exploding a nuclear weapon to assess its effectiveness.

    ‘residents were exposed to radiation from nuclear testing’
    as modifier ‘a nuclear testing site’
    • ‘Increased nuclear testing is a central concern for the region and the world.’
    • ‘He helped to end underground nuclear testing in the state.’
    • ‘He claims that underground nuclear testing does not eliminate radiation pollution.’
    • ‘There is a history of nuclear testing nearby.’
    • ‘The mountain rises on the western edge of the nuclear testing range.’
    • ‘When I met him in 1980, he was already an expert on nuclear testing.’
    • ‘We have been assured that limiting nuclear testing has reduced radioactive fallout.’
    • ‘We did a lot of research into the effects of nuclear testing on humans.’
    • ‘He began taking part in protests against nuclear testing.’
    • ‘One and a half million people were exposed to high radiation doses during the nuclear testing programme.’