Definition of nuclear test in English:

nuclear test


  • The exploding of a nuclear weapon to assess its effectiveness.

    ‘the country confirmed it had successfully carried out an underground nuclear test’
    • ‘I now declare that we do not propose to conduct nuclear tests in the atmosphere.’
    • ‘He will hold a demonstration before Parliament protesting against the nuclear test.’
    • ‘A horrifying number of people on the Pacific Islands where nuclear tests were conducted have suffered terribly.’
    • ‘The 1963 Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty prohibiting atmospheric nuclear tests minimized the fallout danger.’
    • ‘The administration condemned the nuclear tests.’
    • ‘This agreement will prohibit all nuclear tests.’
    • ‘He had never before expressed any opposition to nuclear tests.’
    • ‘A complaint about nuclear tests in the Pacific was dismissed because there was no evidence of serious risk to life.’
    • ‘The bitter enemies have been conducting their own nuclear tests, much to the dismay of the rest of the world community.’
    • ‘The government conducted a series of underground nuclear tests.’