Definition of nuclear scientist in English:

nuclear scientist


  • An expert in or student of nuclear physics.

    ‘nuclear scientists successfully carried out five nuclear tests’
    • ‘They have detained three prominent nuclear scientists for questioning.’
    • ‘They employ capable nuclear scientists and technicians.’
    • ‘Our nuclear scientists had predicted that if the total ban on nuclear weapons failed, the superpower arsenals might grow a thousand-fold.’
    • ‘By his own admission, he does not control the country's nuclear programme and its nuclear scientists.’
    • ‘I banned nuclear scientists from traveling abroad without a security detail.’
    • ‘Nuclear power programmes also provide nuclear scientists.’
    • ‘I was a nuclear scientist.’
    • ‘One of the country's prominent nuclear scientists said publicly that the country's present nuclear capability was sufficient and there was no need to conduct further nuclear tests.’
    • ‘They have admitted that their top nuclear scientist helped other nations build atomic bombs.’
    • ‘They claim that their nuclear scientists are working on ways to meet growing electricity demand.’