Definition of nuclear option in English:

nuclear option


  • The most drastic or extreme response possible to a particular situation.

    ‘extreme Eurosceptics championed the nuclear option of pulling out of Europe’
    • ‘To end the opposition, Republicans are considering the so-called nuclear option, changing Senate rules to eliminate the use of filibusters.’
    • ‘They want to invoke the so-called nuclear option and get rid of the 150-year-old tradition in order to ram through more right-wing judges.’
    • ‘Republican leaders insisting that they would then respond by using the so-called nuclear option.’
    • ‘The polls show broad and growing opposition to the nuclear option, plus a strong desire to see the Democrats act as a brake on Republican extremism.’
    • ‘American politics has been repeatedly punctuated by the threats that constituted the nuclear options of their day.’
    • ‘I am working hard with Senator Leahy, Senator Schumer and other Democrats to find a way to confirm the president's nominees without going to the nuclear option.’
    • ‘A parade of senators - all of them Republican - made their way into the studio, to go on camera advocating the nuclear option.’
    • ‘The nuclear option could take a variety of forms.’
    • ‘Senator Frist also vowed to use the so-called nuclear option to win approval for justices Priscilla Owen and Janice Rogers Brown.’
    • ‘In his floor speech, Mr. Reid called Mr. Frist's proposal a ‘slow-motion nuclear option.’’
    • ‘The so-called nuclear option purports to be directed solely at the Senate's advice and consent prerogatives regarding federal judges.’
    • ‘Senator Frist is edging closer and closer to using the so-called nuclear option in changing Senate rules to ban the use of filibusters to block those judicial nominations.’
    • ‘Would you consider using the filibuster, that nuclear option, as a compromise called for under extreme circumstances for a Supreme Court nominee?’
    • ‘This is what forces the GOP to nuclear options like constitutional amendments, violent demagoguery and impeachment.’
    • ‘His plan is an alternative to the so-called nuclear option that Republicans have considered in order to nullify those Democratic filibusters.’
    • ‘Then that could spark the Republicans to bring back this notion of the so-called nuclear option, which would end the use of the filibuster for judicial nominations.’
    • ‘I had threatened the nuclear option a few months ago, when he was calling Jasper names; now he returns to this calumny before he takes a ten day vacation.’
    • ‘And we are not going to let the White House run the Senate, and therefore I'm going to vote against nuclear option.’
    • ‘Santorum wants to slow down the push the for nuclear option in the senate after seeing that the issue isn't polling well for the Republicans.’
    • ‘First came the impeachment, the nuclear option of partisan warfare.’