Definition of nuclear magnetic resonance in English:

nuclear magnetic resonance

(also NMR)


mass noun
  • The absorption of electromagnetic radiation by a nucleus having a magnetic moment when in an external magnetic field, used mainly as an analytical technique and in diagnostic body imaging.

    • ‘Electron paramagnetic resonance is a spectroscopic technique similar to nuclear magnetic resonance except that microwave radiation is employed instead of radio frequencies.’
    • ‘MRI is an outgrowth of nuclear magnetic resonance, an analytical technique that has been a basic fixture in chemistry labs for many years.’
    • ‘These techniques, which include nuclear magnetic resonance, electron spin resonance, and Mossbauer spectroscopy, provide valuable information about the structure of a molecule.’
    • ‘Halbach worked in nuclear physics, nuclear magnetic resonance, plasma physics, and magnet physics, and proved, by his late contributions to magnet design, that one's physics career need not be over by age 30.’
    • ‘MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is based on the techniques of nuclear magnetic resonance.’