Definition of nuclear disarmament in English:

nuclear disarmament


mass noun
  • The process of reducing in number or completely eliminating a country's nuclear weapons.

    ‘advocates of unilateral nuclear disarmament’
    as modifier ‘a resumption of stalled nuclear disarmament talks’
    • ‘There has been little progress made on global nuclear disarmament.’
    • ‘The movement for nuclear disarmament itself gains credibility as an important catalyst in the Cold War endgame.’
    • ‘He was much closer to centre stage in the nuclear disarmament campaign, as he had been in the pacifist movement of the First World War.’
    • ‘The group was formed in 1958 by establishment intellectuals such as Bertrand Russell and J. B. Priestley and urged unilateral British nuclear disarmament.’
    • ‘There were other concerns which gradually put her even more radically at odds with her origins than her advocacy of nuclear disarmament and her opposition to the Vietnam War.’
    • ‘After Hiroshima, he repeatedly urged nuclear disarmament.’
    • ‘He helped coordinate national peace movements during the 1980s for nuclear disarmament.’
    • ‘Uranium mining faced growing opposition in the 1980s from environmentalists and supporters of nuclear disarmament.’
    • ‘The 1963 treaty was but a halting first step toward genuine nuclear disarmament.’
    • ‘The following year, their anti-war tradition resurfaced in conference support for unilateral nuclear disarmament.’
    • ‘Its authoritative exposition of the law did not alter the need for negotiations to bring about further progress on nuclear disarmament.’