Definition of nuclear capability in English:

nuclear capability


  • The fact that a country possesses and has the ability to deploy nuclear weapons.

    ‘these countries may then feel compelled to develop a nuclear capability’
    • ‘The country's nuclear capabilities remain a cause for concern.’
    • ‘The availability of a nuclear capability has altered the nature of war in the region.’
    • ‘They had not acquired a nuclear capability, but they were close to developing one.’
    • ‘The artillery now had a nuclear capability.’
    • ‘He asserted on innumerable occasions that their nuclear capability was in the secure hands of the military.’
    • ‘Both sides possessed increasing nuclear capabilities.’
    • ‘They cannot be allowed to hold the entire country ransom simply because they have acquired nuclear capability.’
    • ‘They are actively modernizing both their nuclear capabilities and ballistic missiles.’
    • ‘Their war-time alliance collapsed within three years and each embarked on a programme of rearmament with nuclear capability.’
    • ‘Even after both countries revealed their nuclear capabilities to the world, there were exchanges of gunfire and artillery across the disputed border.’