Definition of nuclear-powered in English:



  • Using motive power that is generated by a nuclear reactor.

    ‘a nuclear-powered submarine’
    • ‘Many believe nuclear-powered spacecraft can and should be built.’
    • ‘Nuclear-powered warships are a prime terrorist target.’
    • ‘As a nuclear-powered attack submarine, she is designed to move swiftly and silently underwater for weeks on end.’
    • ‘Can a nuclear-powered rocket carry enough fuel to make it to the nearest star and back again?’
    • ‘A nuclear-powered carrier, capable of embarking 90 aircraft, passed through this channel.’
    • ‘It's only fitting and proper that we have a laser-firing, nuclear-powered robot rolling around on Mars.’
    • ‘We need an end to all nuclear-powered electricity generation.’
    • ‘On 17th January 1955, the first nuclear-powered submarine embarked on its first sea trial.’
    • ‘There was an inquiry into the safety of nuclear-powered warships.’
    • ‘What if the shuttle had been nuclear-powered?’