Definition of nucellar in English:



  • See nucellus

    • ‘Most of the wheat consumed by humans is processed from white flour, which is produced by milling to remove the germ and bran (pericarp, testa, nucellar layer, and aleurone layer).’
    • ‘Such grains frequently had a portion of the pollen tube outside the nucellar tissue so that the grains were held at an angle some distance from the nucellus.’
    • ‘A nucellar dome has been formed in the massive nucellar cap and the integument has overgrown the nucellus and formed a wide-open micropyle.’
    • ‘Under these conditions, given that nutrients move along the post-sieve element pathway by diffusion, turgor alterations in the nucellar projection transfer cells will not influence pressures in the crease phloem.’
    • ‘Just inside the seed coat, several layers of nucellar cells are observed that vary in shape and size, and surround the embryo sac.’