Definition of nubbin in English:



North American
  • A small lump or residual part.

    ‘nubbins of bone or cartilage’
    • ‘Give me a new toothbrush and I can widdle the thing down to nothing but a shabby nubbin of its former self within three days, using nothing but my teeth and gums.’
    • ‘His feet kept slipping, and the handholds - tiny quartz crystal nubbins in the granite - were worn smooth and offered little purchase.’
    • ‘My feet are freezing standing around on the summit of Kilimanjaro, my toes little nubbins of ice inside my boots.’
    • ‘There are a number of strange new interface widgets around the place, including a kind of tiny, almost unnoticeable nubbin that allows you to drag entirely random panes out of the side of other panes.’
    • ‘My lump was just a lump, a pea-sized nubbin of nothing-to-worry-about.’
    • ‘In the majority of these cases, a fibrous nubbin of tissue is found at the terminus of the spermatic cord.’
    • ‘In particular, his reconstruction of almost the entire pelvic girdle from a little nubbin of broken bone is like watching a magician pull a living temnospondyl out of a hat.’
    • ‘I looked down at the sausage, chopped into delightful nubbins, flavored with spices.’
    • ‘Long names get worn down to three-letter nubbins like stones smoothed by a river.’
    • ‘The Geordie Ambassador's niece is bottle-feeding these appealing creatures, which have cheeky little black faces, silky coats, and little nubbins of horns.’
    • ‘A nubbin on the left side of the Glock magazine lip needs to be ground off for the sliding gate to fit over the lip.’
    • ‘But why deprive yourself of the soulful braised collards and kale with shards of soft-roasted garlic and crisp nubbins of bacon?’
    • ‘Three cases showed small fibrous nubbins that had been submitted as atrophic or regressed.’
    • ‘The part of her hair that was above the water was almost completely dry and the hair under the water shyly shielded most of her breasts from view, although part of one blushing pink nubbin peeked out from beneath its dark shroud.’
    • ‘When I do leave her I feel like I'm cutting off my arms and legs, and I'm left this armless and legless nubbin who can think about nothing but getting back to her.’
    • ‘The right postzygapophysis of the more posterior vertebra can be identified; a small nubbin of bone anterolateral to this might represent part of a cervical rib.’
    • ‘I showed Joe the nubbin, and then without much fanfare, chucked it in the trash.’
    • ‘The ‘hammer’ and ‘anvil’ bones of the mammalian ear are descendants of these nubbins.’
    • ‘To top it off, the leading edges of the saddle are covered with little ball-bearing-like nubbins that reduce friction as your legs pump past them.’
    • ‘I've never been a big believer in the mouse nubbin found on some laptops, but the size of the Meteor would make it a good candidate for such a pointing device.’


Late 17th century: diminutive of nub.