Definition of Nuba in English:



  • A member of a Nilotic people inhabiting southern Kordofan in Sudan.

    • ‘The woman who charmed Hitler, danced with the Nuba, took up scuba diving in her 70s, and was rescued from a helicopter crash in the Sudan at age 97, possessed bedazzling qualities.’
    • ‘Garang has therefore recruited from exploited non-Arab communities on the fringes of northern Sudan, such as the Nuba, and the string of peoples along the Blue Nile valley close to Ethiopia.’
    • ‘The Nuba use ritual practices of body marking to define stages in physical and spiritual maturation.’
    • ‘Taking the ethnic perspective further, the Nuba of Sudan found little beauty in the appearance of the English anthropologist James Faris; he had a beard, hair on his arms, and white skin.’
    • ‘Those laws have had serious consequences for the Nuba
    • ‘Does it really matter whether the artist actually visited with the Nuba or not?’
    • ‘It has been estimated that during the 1980s more than 500,000 Nuba were relocated to desert camps, ‘where, according to a UN official, not even a locust can survive.’’
    • ‘Leni Riefenstahl was captivated and offered Rodger £1,000 if he would instruct her on how to find the Nuba.’
    • ‘I studied the plight of the Nuba whilst at university and was angered that no one even knew about the massacres.’
    • ‘In the 1960s Riefenstahl began making trips to Africa, and in 1973 she published a photographic essay about a tribe in the Sudan, The Last of the Nuba.’
    • ‘Like the Darfurians they have suffered neglect and exploitation, and in the 1980s young Nuba rose in revolt.’
    • ‘For me, the Nuba are the symbol of man's living in harmony with nature.’
    • ‘The Nuba are a collection of non-Arab peoples, distinct from their Sudanese Arab neighbors in appearance, culture, and way of life.’


  • Relating to the Nuba.

    • ‘The Nuba Mountains are not in the war zone in the south where most of the civil war fighting is taking place but some Nuba people have joined the SPLA and have fought against government forces.’
    • ‘Riefenstahl made heroes of a mountain girl, a dictator, an athlete, a Nuba tribesman, an underwater realm.’
    • ‘Subsequent projects, including a 1974 study of the Nuba tribe in Africa and her final project on marine life, which she herself filmed underwater, confirmed her place as a gifted and innovative artist.’
    • ‘Like her inclusion of Jesse Owens's feats in Olympia, Riefenstahl's Nuba fixation is often taken as evidence of her disaffection with Nazi politics.’
    • ‘Fighting even spread into the Nuba mountains and Ingessana hills (Southern Blue Nile).’
    • ‘A Nuba elder - looking exasperated and bewildered - complained that all Riefenstahl and the tourists following her ever really wanted was ‘pictures of people without clothes.’’
    • ‘Some are sold, perhaps even exported: the American embassy in Khartoum has acknowledged as ‘credible’ reports that Dinka and Nuba children from southern Sudan are being sold on into Libya.’
    • ‘George Rodger's photographs of wrestlers from the Nuba tribe of southern Sudan taken in 1949 have fascinated generations of photographers.’
    • ‘However, while the family to which she was enslaved was holidaying in Sudan, Mende had the opportunity to contact fellow Nuba exiles and plan her getaway.’
    • ‘I recently spoke to Nuba warriors here about their struggle and asked them what they thought of the peace agreement.’
    • ‘Her arguments failed to convince many Germans then, as now, and in the 50s she became a near recluse, taking up still photography and traveling to Africa, where she encountered the Nuba people and was taken by their beauty.’
    • ‘Among her better-known projects in the post-war period were photographic books of African Nuba tribesmen.’
    • ‘Because of animist and Christian resistance to Arabisation and Islamisation, a civil war erupted, claiming up to half a million of southern Sudanese lives by 1972-mostly from the Dinka and Nuba groups.’
    • ‘Some of the marks in this work are reminiscent of Nuba designs.’
    • ‘In the 90s, attacks against the Nuba people targeted Christians and Muslims, churches and mosques, indiscriminately.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, SCP did not give equal concern for Nuba, Beja, Southern, and Darfur populations - the Sudanese-African genuine ethnic entities.’
    • ‘Celebrate Christmas Eve Mass under the stars with the Nuba Catholic community.’
    • ‘He had to overcome intense heat, inhospitable conditions and disease in his pursuit to make lasting records of the lives of the Shilluk, Dinka, Nuer, Nuba and Jur peoples.’
    • ‘Many Southerners, Beja, and Nuba leaders joined the Mahdiya and led armies as influential emirs.’
    • ‘The SPLA controlled nearly ninety per cent of the countryside in the south and maintained lines of communication with fighters in the Nuba mountains and Ingessana hills.’


From Latin Nubae ‘Nubians’.