Definition of noxious weed in English:

noxious weed


  • A weed which is considered to be harmful to the environment or animals, especially one which may be the subject of regulations governing attempts to control it.

    ‘a trial of remote-controlled helicopter technology in the fight against noxious weeds, mosquitoes, and other pests’
    as modifier ‘most states have their own noxious weed laws’
    • ‘‘This perennial garden plant has become a noxious weed and is spreading rapidly throughout North America,’ says Farr.’
    • ‘The formation of buds on roots enables the propagation of plants by root cuttings and is an important means of spreading noxious weeds.’
    • ‘A project that removes noxious weeds, re-plants vegetation and stops soil erosion in an ecologically sensitive area of Alberta is going ahead for the second year.’
    • ‘Do not compost meat scraps, dead animals, pet manure, diseased plant material, or noxious weeds.’
    • ‘Many states require the control of noxious weeds because of their harmful impact on recreational areas and farmland.’