Definition of novelistic in English:



  • Characteristic of or used in novels.

    ‘the novelistic detail of his film’
    • ‘The one assumption I hope to have unsettled in these pages is that any particular novelistic genre in itself embodies a metaphysical or transcendent approach to the real.’
    • ‘Due in part to its novelistic style, historians long classified Jacobs's book as a work of domestic fiction.’
    • ‘The editor justifies it by stating ‘long stories allow for a fuller exploration of ideas, a fuller plot trajectory and a richer, more novelistic sense of detail’.’
    • ‘Nabokov is their favorite writer, the convenient novelistic illustration of their theoretical axioms.’
    • ‘While Forman makes an intriguing, even novelistic central character for the book, perhaps even more interesting is the social world that we glimpse through him.’
    • ‘Barbauld's arguments on behalf of novelistic art and novelistic pleasure form, I would contend, the rationale for her social and political arguments about the novel.’
    • ‘Bradley has subsequently been accused of paying too little attention to the plays in performance, in effect of treating them as discursive, almost novelistic, works of literature.’
    • ‘In essays, interviews, and prefaces to his own work, he explored the problematic borderlines between historical fact and novelistic invention.’
    • ‘The adventures of a group of teenagers furnish his novelistic material, and Edouard's progress and esthetic theories are recorded in a diary and notebooks that are part of Gide's text.’
    • ‘Its style bristles, races, and explodes, as the best early Lewis does, while its form is discernibly novelistic, as the best later Lewis is.’
    • ‘Witherspoon is Jeffers's one and only novelistic venture.’
    • ‘Without the details of novelistic description, we are plunged into the middle of the action in many of the sonnets, left to orient ourselves with only the husband's words to guide us.’
    • ‘At the center of this essay are questions about the novelistic strategies Kingston employs in Tripmaster Monkey.’
    • ‘In a sense, Beloved returns Morrison to her own novelistic origins even as it returns African Americans to their ancestral past.’
    • ‘Orlando itself, that is, is a form of escape from novelistic conventions, perhaps even a gypsylike text in that it is adventurous, marginal, playful, and defiant.’
    • ‘In 1957, Ian Watt suggested in The Rise of the Novel that Protestantism and capitalism are the informing logics behind novelistic representations of society.’
    • ‘Bakhtin illuminates this quality of the novelistic form by contrasting it with another genre, the epic.’
    • ‘Subsequent essays treat novelistic innovations in the works of critically significant younger Asian American authors such as Chang-rae Lee and Lan Cao.’
    • ‘In this final section, I would like to explore Woolf's early revisions to received novelistic forms, particularly her allusions to romance and her use of fantasy.’
    • ‘In Barbauld's formulation, novelistic canons supplement, critique, or contest political systems rather than displace or stand as alternatives to them.’