Definition of novelist in English:



  • A writer of novels.

    • ‘Agatha Christie is the best-selling novelist of all time.’
    • ‘You offer a long list of reasons why one might become a detective novelist.’
    • ‘Alexandra Lapierre, award-winning French novelist and biographer, has produced a book that combines biography, fiction and scholarship.’
    • ‘Daum is an essayist and novelist living in Los Angeles.’
    • ‘The first issue had a foreword by John Wain, the novelist, who had just appeared then and was very famous.’
    • ‘We have several young novelists here who are trying to invent a form to supersede Balzac's.’
    • ‘Yes, one of the greatest American novelists of all time was, indeed, a journalist.’
    • ‘The pulp novelist, Dan Dark, is a man in misery.’
    • ‘Countless other crime novelists have adopted the same technique.’
    • ‘The novelist's imagination is probable, the poet's improbable.’
    • ‘Sometimes it takes a novelist's imagination to put a human face on the horror of war.’
    • ‘I surprised some people, though, by including the novelist Edna O'Brien.’
    • ‘What advice would he give to aspiring novelists?’
    • ‘Many would argue that he's the most challenging of contemporary American novelists.’
    • ‘His work connects us to Cocteau, François Mauriac and other French novelists.’
    • ‘Lennox Morrison is a journalist turned novelist who lives in Glasgow.’
    • ‘In the same vein, several British Asian novelists have been writing about the turbulence within Britain's Muslim community.’
    • ‘At heart, she's a Victorian novelist writing long, complex narratives with multiple plots and well-developed characters.’
    • ‘This is a tragedy which will supply themes for novelists and poets for centuries.’
    • ‘By any measure, Ian McEwan is one of the most accomplished novelists of his generation.’
    author, writer of fiction, creative writer, man of letters, woman of letters
    penman, scribbler
    fictionist, fictioneer
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