Definition of notwithstanding in English:



  • In spite of.

    ‘notwithstanding the evidence, the consensus is that the jury will not reach a verdict’
    postpositive ‘this small contretemps notwithstanding, they both had a good time’
    • ‘I make this finding notwithstanding the plaintiff's evidence that he understood everything the defendant told him.’
    • ‘Congressional interest notwithstanding, the dissident groups, both external and internal, are still largely on their own.’
    • ‘But politics notwithstanding, Hollywood, in particular, is often portrayed as the last great liberal holdout in California.’
    • ‘As I have said before, Christopher has elected not to play any part of these proceedings, notwithstanding his closeness to Sarah, who herself gave evidence.’
    • ‘This notwithstanding the evidence of Mr. Sinclair.’
    • ‘These points notwithstanding, Joe Cinque's Consolation is a lovely piece of writing and I don't begrudge a single minute I spent curled up with it.’
    • ‘Imagine, apparently conclusive evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, that a very few gifted individuals are genuinely clairvoyant.’
    • ‘There is evidence that notwithstanding the plaintiff's age, a pharmacist has a good prospect of finding employment in his field.’
    • ‘And the evidence presented is woefully inadequate to prove anything, notwithstanding the absolutes of science.’
    • ‘Then the conclusion is that, notwithstanding the initial impression based on the evidence, obviousness was not made out.’
    • ‘He said he expects it will open the door to a bright new future for tourism in Ireland's regions, notwithstanding the difficulties currently facing the industry.’
    • ‘The scientific evidence notwithstanding, all US states allow juveniles to be tried as adults for some offenses.’
    • ‘Evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, England still is the countryside, and any threat to its conservation is a scandal because it threatens Englishness itself.’
    • ‘I accept the evidence lead on behalf of the Defendants that, notwithstanding the form, many physicians did not complete this particular box.’
    • ‘The Plaintiff failed to deliver any expert evidence to support their allegations notwithstanding two previous orders that required her to do so.’
    • ‘All evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, they'd fight their way back.’
    • ‘Take a walk down any colony or playground on a lazy Sunday afternoon and you will find children working on their batting and bowling with zeal, notwithstanding the blazing heat.’
    • ‘If notwithstanding this evidence the case is proved, then precisely the same circumstances may also be relevant to mitigation of penalty.’
    • ‘There are also enough indications that DVDs are here to stay - a thriving piracy market and unrelenting police crackdown, notwithstanding.’
    • ‘Bad luck notwithstanding, it was still a light day.’
    in spite of, despite, regardless of, for all
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  • Nevertheless; in spite of this.

    ‘I didn't like it. Notwithstanding, I remained calm’
    • ‘It is that attitude, allied to a zest for the game and notwithstanding obvious aplomb on the pitch, that has impressed his club manager George Burley.’
    nevertheless, nonetheless, even so, all the same, in spite of that, in spite of this, despite that, despite this, after everything, however, still, yet, be that as it may, having said that, that said, for all that, just the same, anyway, in any event, at any rate, at all events, when all is said and done
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  • Although; in spite of the fact that.

    ‘notwithstanding that the hall was packed with bullies, our champion played on steadily and patiently’
    although, in spite of the fact that, despite the fact that, even though, though, for all that
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Late Middle English: from not + withstanding, present participle of withstand, on the pattern of Old French non obstant ‘not providing an obstacle to’.