Definition of nothing daunted in English:

nothing daunted


  • Without having been made fearful or apprehensive.

    ‘nothing daunted, the committee set to work’
    • ‘But he had a big local following and nothing daunted, won a seat on the Council.’
    • ‘When the propeller blade had split in the air, several splinters of wood had flown off, but Bennett, nothing daunted, shaped new bits out of a packing case to fill the gaps.’
    • ‘Carolino did not know English but, nothing daunted, he used an English / French phrase book and a French / Portuguese phrase book to produce a yet to be determined language.’
    • ‘The week before's outdoor session was rained off, but nothing daunted the members adjourned to the clubroom where an impromptu portraiture session was set up, with members being put through their paces by Michael O'Sullivan.’
    • ‘As they came up they were met with a thick shower of arrows; but nothing daunted, they pushed on in true Highland fashion.’