Definition of noted in English:



  • Well known; famous.

    ‘the restaurant is noted for its high standards of cuisine’
    ‘a noted patron of the arts’
    • ‘The workshop will be conducted under the direction of noted artist M.S. Murthy.’
    • ‘Soon a prominent producer, a noted director and their friends rushed to the rescue of the students.’
    • ‘It is a replica of Auberge de Castile, a noted architectural landmark in Valletta Harbour.’
    • ‘Sir David Steel gave an address at the memorial service for Nigel Tranter, the noted author who died in January.’
    • ‘The late Paddy Mickey as he was known was one class act and he was a noted personality all his life and was held in high esteem by all.’
    • ‘He was a noted musician and was renowned for his ability to play the flute which earned him recognition far and wide.’
    • ‘An analysis of some published reviews of each book usually by noted reviewers or authors is also included.’
    • ‘The noted psychologist, C.J. John's advice to the children was to learn from life.’
    • ‘A noted sportsman in his early years he was also a member of the Town Council in Loughrea in the late forties.’
    • ‘By 1960, she had produced Jameson's Raid, becoming a noted historian in her fifties.’
    • ‘But aside from that Tom was an artist of great talent and also a noted singer in the USA.’
    • ‘A most amiable and kindly man, he was held in very high esteem and was a noted character in the area.’
    • ‘The noted artist has been teaching in their classrooms for about eight years.’
    • ‘Keynes was a member of the Bloomsbury Group and a noted patron of the arts.’
    • ‘Alexander, a former vice chancellor and a noted high-jumper were all honoured that day.’
    • ‘Eric himself is a well known trainer, jockey and was a noted showjumper in his day.’
    • ‘A noted man of letters paid a brief visit to Killoran's Bar last week to look up an old friend.’
    • ‘The idea is to popularise Kannada literature by singing compositions of noted poets of the State.’
    • ‘Father Yvon was also a noted writer, the author of several books about the sea.’
    • ‘We asked a group of noted authors to describe the books that shaped their characters.’
    eminent, famous, well known, famed, prominent
    renowned, well known, famous, noteworthy, notable, of note, important, recognized
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