Definition of nota bene in English:

nota bene


  • in imperative (used in written text to draw attention to what follows) observe carefully or take special notice.

    • ‘Gentle reader, nota bene this post has footnotes.’
    • ‘He became the patron and mentor of the younger poets, welcoming all innovations, as opposed to Jeffers the loner whom, nota bene, he mercilessly bashed in his essays.’
    • ‘It was not even Hitler, nota bene, who was analogous in Mrs. Woolf's mind to the domineering husband, but the man who proposed to stand up to Hitler.’
    • ‘But, nota bene, his blessings flow only in the direction of those who are already virtuous.’
    • ‘Many years ago, when the Lady Novelist (now nota bene a Professor in her own right) and I got married, some cousins of mine gave us a pair of Georgian spoons.’


Latin, literally ‘note well!’.


nota bene

/ˌnəʊtə ˈbɛneɪ/