Definition of not want to know in English:

not want to know


  • Refuse to react or take notice.

    ‘they just didn't want to know when I gave my side of the story’
    • ‘He added: ‘I have tried to market it as a going concern but the big boys just don't want to know.’’
    • ‘When confronted with food concerns, from pesticide residues to the environmental damage wreaked by salmon farming, the government doesn't want to know.’
    • ‘While all these wannabes are crying out for TV exposure, the truth is the public don't want to know.’
    • ‘I am responsible for him but I am told nothing can be done without his agreement, and he doesn't want to know.’
    • ‘Rebecca used to be full of enthusiasm but now she doesn't want to know.’
    • ‘They pay lip-service to the green agenda, but when it comes to taking measures that might lose votes, they don't want to know.’
    • ‘Management may be good at hitting targets, doing cash-flow levels, but they are rubbish at recognising stress in staff and quite often they don't want to know.’
    • ‘Unless you're awfully special, the market doesn't want to know.’
    • ‘Because we are off the beaten track, the council doesn't want to know.’
    • ‘My son shouldn't have to put up with that sort of abuse, but when I talk to the council about it, they don't want to know.’