Definition of not very in English:

not very


  • 1In a low degree.

    ‘‘Bad news?’ ‘Not very.’’
  • 2Far from being.

    ‘I'm not very impressed’
    • ‘Behind us stood a few of those from the most extremist of the settlers, not very satisfied that we had arrived to Hebron.’
    • ‘We were not very impressed to find out that Delft is also famous for small white tiles decorated in blue paint.’
    • ‘I went out at about 11 and saw one or two streaks though it was not very impressive.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, there's a lot of it lying around in not very secure places.’
    • ‘Feeling bored for a day is not very serious, but feeling bored for weeks or months is dangerous.’
    • ‘Sadly for Rogers, he missed the not very difficult conversion, and those were the crucial two points.’
    • ‘My friend was not very impressed and it was obvious that he did not want to know anything about Islam.’
    • ‘Rough weather and running out of diesel are not very plausible reasons.’
    • ‘It's not very surprising that Ricks mentions the song only once, in passing.’
    • ‘The second boy was not very tall but well built with spiky fair hair.’