Definition of not put it past someone in English:

not put it past someone


  • Believe someone to be capable of doing a particular wrong or rash thing.

    ‘I wouldn't put it past him to slip something into the drinks’
    • ‘Just kidding about that last one-but don't put it past them!’
    • ‘Unless Labour announces a tax-break for publishers in the next Budget (and don't put it past them) this whole row should die down quickly.’
    • ‘And I don't put it past Bremer and his crew to seriously botch this whole thing.’
    • ‘He hasn't disappointed himself or me yet, so I don't put it past him to make something happen within a year.’
    • ‘I didn't put it past Nathaniel to make her a tool in his vendetta against Thomas.’
    • ‘Amanda was horrified and didn't put it past Emma to do such a thing.’
    • ‘She had been pulling stuff like that since he'd left her, and he didn't put it past her to poison Rose against him.’
    • ‘But if a playoff team loses a player or decides it's a rebounder short of being a contender, don't put it past Rodman to make yet another return to his pogo-stick-like career.’
    • ‘I certainly didn't put it past her to force herself upon me in the cabin.’