Definition of not much cop in English:

not much cop


  • Not very good.

    ‘they say he's not much cop as a coach’
    • ‘If, equally, it happens that the football is not much cop, the choice between being penned up like a foot and mouth victim or sitting in reasonable comfort is not hard to make.’
    • ‘But despite my suspicions that he's not much cop, you can't judge him at Leeds at the moment.’
    • ‘Sean Penn admits he's not much cop at reading bedtime stories to his children.’
    • ‘For politicians who have come to realise that the state is not much cop at either capital funding or operations, this should be a godsend.’
    • ‘The other problem with the translation is that at times it is just really not much cop.’
    • ‘Were they just not much cop, then, or have I missed something here?’
    • ‘But listening to him perform a new song on a recent tour, a more likely reason for his years without a record deal presents itself: that, really, he's just not much cop any more.’
    • ‘It's great for a temporal cleansing and balancing of the self, but it's not much cop for actual space clearing of persistent presences.’
    • ‘Most are not much cop, but without them you wouldn't have that gem you stumbled upon last week.’
    • ‘Honestly it's not the style, I just think that in their genre they're not much cop whereas Kelly and the MGM arrangers were at the top of their game.’