Definition of not just any — in English:

not just any —


  • A particular or special thing of its type rather than any ordinary one of that type.

    ‘he had an acting job at last, and not just any part, but the lead in a new film’
    • ‘He knew, that the fifth was a thief, not just any ordinary thief, but one who had more brains than the others of his guild.’
    • ‘Now that I had the money, I wanted a real Harris tweed jacket, and not just any Harris tweed jacket but a thick one, with more tweed in it than other tweed jackets.’
    • ‘The new buildings are not just any old structures either.’
    • ‘She needed to get herself a bike, and not just any ordinary bike.’
    • ‘It was yellow, and not just any yellow, but sinister yellow.’
    • ‘Again, a music festival is not just any other ordinary event.’
    • ‘This is not just any job; it is what may well be the second most powerful position in the United States government.’
    • ‘And not just any fella; one with what is patently a made-up name.’
    • ‘Just wondering how some people will react to the news that Ellen DeGeneres has gotten a new gig, not just any job, mind you.’
    • ‘Yes, these prizes are not just any old give-aways you get in some newspapers, they are tailor-made for the discerning readers of this column.’