Definition of not have a prayer in English:

not have a prayer


  • Have no chance at all of succeeding at something.

    • ‘The numbers mean that most people who can't afford a lawyer don't have a prayer of getting one for free.’
    • ‘Information is often given to pros at road shows that average investors don't have a prayer of receiving.’
    • ‘Under his plan, you don't have a prayer of getting a flu shot, ladies and gentlemen.’
    • ‘If he relies on weapons like that, he doesn't have a prayer.’
    • ‘Faced with such daunting challenges, a rural economy that values land ownership above land productivity doesn't have a prayer.’
    • ‘Logically, she doesn't have a prayer, but you never know what a jury's going to decide.’
    • ‘A highly skilled mechanic with a bad attitude doesn't have a prayer in our camp.’
    • ‘In July one didn't have a prayer of getting any equipment internally, no matter how important your group was.’
    • ‘He was doing the best he could, but he doesn't have a prayer in succeeding.’
    • ‘If you cannot write some big cheques you don't have a prayer, which means that the system always throws up the same people.’
    have no hope, not have a chance, not stand a chance, have no chance, stand no chance, not have the ghost of a chance, not stand the ghost of a chance
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