Definition of not give something houseroom in English:

not give something houseroom


  • Be unwilling to have or consider something.

    ‘I have my shortbread baked, I wouldn't give the bought stuff houseroom’
    • ‘Am I just very tired, or should I be giving this idea houseroom?’
    • ‘Below are five types of music I wouldn't have given houseroom to in the past but - like asparagus, black olives, and foie gras - are tastes worth acquiring.’
    • ‘And while Brendan accepted that there was little he could do to stop such trash from being peddled, there was no way under God's heaven he was going to give it houseroom.’
    • ‘Minimalism, being an idea about music rather than the thing itself, readily gives houseroom to other ideas - philosophies, biographies, religious doctrines.’
    • ‘Rugby should not give house room to people who do not have control of themselves and respect for the paying public.’