Definition of not give a stuff in English:

not give a stuff


  • Not care at all.

    ‘I couldn't give a stuff what they think’
    • ‘There's always the possibility that it doesn't actually kill the pain but makes you so much more relaxed that you don't give a stuff about it.’
    • ‘So far, I have a shredded palm and a wet floor - plus two damp kittens who don't give a stuff.’
    • ‘Plumley said he wouldn't mind a bit and didn't give a stuff who was in power.’
    • ‘MPs don't know the facts and 90 per cent of British people don't give a stuff whether hunting is banned or not because it doesn't affect them.’
    • ‘We're to pretend we're concerned, when the reality is that we don't give a stuff.’
    • ‘The last election proved this to be the case, namely that the main plank of the Tory campaign, Europe, most of the public didn't give a stuff about, relatively speaking.’
    • ‘Not everybody sees it that way, she said, nodding in the direction of Upstairs, but she doesn't give a stuff.’
    • ‘The blame lies with parents who don't give a stuff.’
    • ‘Most of them didn't give a stuff about the job, and so we'd have a good laugh and bitching session every lunchtime in the Dog And Trumpet or the Shakespeare's Head at the top of Carnaby Street.’
    • ‘Suddenly, it's summer, and the ratings meters are turned off, which means stations don't give a stuff because their previous advertising revenues aren't affected.’