Definition of not for a minute in English:

not for a minute


  • Not at all.

    ‘he didn't fool me for a minute’
    • ‘That's not for a minute to assert that those without savings are in any way lesser parents, or that families that scrimp and save do not provide warm and loving homes.’
    • ‘The lines still flow, the timing is there too, and not for a minute does anybody feel like we have been away for so long.’
    • ‘I am not for a minute suggesting that young heirs follow a rigid, boot camp regime, but it would be helpful if times like Gap Years were made up of several partitions.’
    • ‘I've certainly never resented all the training, not for a minute.’
    • ‘I'm not for a minute suggesting that ‘head in the sand’ is the best alternative, however.’
    • ‘I'm not for a minute proposing that you shouldn't be there on opening day, I'm simply suggesting that fishing will improve as we approach the middle of July.’
    • ‘And that would not surprise me in the least, not for a minute.’
    • ‘In hindsight, I would not for a minute go back and say, ‘Gee, we should have gone slower so we could have had more forces built up behind us to control areas that we went past.’’
    • ‘Your Honour, I was not for a minute suggesting that my client was more benevolent, only that others are in like position.’
    • ‘‘I'm not for a minute suggesting that everything is right, but I find it difficult to see the general accusations that the Scottish Executive is ignoring the rural community,’ he told the Sunday Herald.’