Definition of not for a (or one) moment in English:

not for a (or one) moment


  • Not at all; never.

    ‘she had not for one moment doubted that everything would go her way’
    • ‘I am not for one moment suggesting we do not have a serious problem.’
    • ‘I do not for one moment doubt the medical evidence and I respect the choice of others to live in a safe environment.’
    • ‘Yet not for a moment would he consider moving out to a place of his own, which he surely could have afforded.’
    • ‘It is something we should never ever tolerate - not for a moment.’
    • ‘I wish to make it clear that I do not for one moment suggest that any member of the board is or has been guilty of any dishonesty or disreputable comment.’
    • ‘Keira has done really well, and not for one moment am I jealous of her success.’
    • ‘‘I never ever doubted him, not for a moment,’ said the pilot's fiancée Helena.’
    • ‘You can never escape the sense of insecurity and conflict, not for a moment.’
    • ‘He wasn't fooled, not for a moment, but he wasn't going to give me the satisfaction of a reaction.’
    • ‘I take no comfort from that, at all - not for one moment.’
    not at all, certainly not, not for a moment, not in any circumstances, not under any circumstances, in no circumstances, under no circumstances, on no account
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