Definition of not be an option in English:

not be an option


  • Not be feasible.

    ‘travelling by road is not an option here’
    • ‘Killing the guy sitting next to him wasn't an option.’
    • ‘They're working-class people who need to bring carloads of food to their families, to their restaurants or to their homes in parts of town where rents are lower and living car-free isn't an option.’
    • ‘Backing down simply wasn't an option, however strong the consensus or the evidence.’
    • ‘Sharon wants to adopt a Filipino brother or sister for Rica, but until today it wasn't an option.’
    • ‘This wasn't an option for my brother and me since my father would supervise.’
    • ‘And, for Kilby, coming second wasn't an option.’
    • ‘Ignoring him wasn't an option, because we had to be sure that we didn't miss any actual information of significance.’
    • ‘They may agree that failure isn't an option, but this does not mean that they will avoid it.’
    • ‘School wasn't an option for most youngsters when Jack was growing up.’
    • ‘But when the blizzard hit, that suddenly wasn't an option anymore.’