Definition of not be above in English:

not be above


  • Be capable of stooping to (an unworthy act)

    ‘he was not above practical jokes’
    • ‘It's a controversial portrayal of the great man which isn't above hinting he had a dark side.’
    • ‘Republicans, not to mention Democrats, aren't above a well-timed leak to maximize political damage against their opponents.’
    • ‘And even more shameful is that I'm not above reverting to the old ways.’
    • ‘Of course, Mr. King isn't above a bit of snobbery himself.’
    • ‘I just hoped Luke, along with his designer moodiness, wasn't above actually driving there.’
    • ‘It is not the policy of this newspaper to select candidates for the election, but I'm not above pointing out some things I've noticed in the past week.’
    • ‘He has a sense of humor too, and isn't above mugging for the camera.’
    • ‘The farmers aren't above exaggeration - this, after all, is the tradition when officials come from the city.’
    • ‘Anyway, she isn't above such comments herself.’
    • ‘Still, I'm not above pocketing a bottle of Coke on my way out, so long as I'm not being sneaky about it.’